Twelve Winters Press, a literary publisher, is dedicated to bringing out high-quality work that may be difficult to place with commercial publishers, or even independent and university presses -- perhaps because of its length, complexity, or difficulty in pigeon-holing into a specific genre or category.  We are small, however, and must take on projects in a very limited manner, emphasizing quality over quantity.

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Critical Perspectives on William H. Gass: The Novellas

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Ends on 6/1/2014

Twelve Winters Press is planning a series of books on American author William H. Gass, edited by Ted Morrissey, beginning with Critical Perspectives on William H. Gass:  The Novellas.

Contributors should submit one document with 1) a 200-word (maximum) abstract describing the aim of their article, and 2) a biographical statement outlining their credentials, being sure to note relevant publications, presentations and projects (if any).  

To date, Gass's novellas are The Pedersen Kid, Cartesian Sonata, Bed and Breakfast, Emma Enters a Sentence of Elizabeth Bishop's, and The Master of Secret Revenges. For our purposes, let us also consider Willie Masters' Lonesome Wife in this group. Articles may address a single novella or examine them in combination. Other Gass works may be referenced, but the article should be focused on the novella(s).

Deadline for abstracts is June 1, 2014. Contributors whose abstract is selected will be notified by August 1, 2014. Selecting an abstract to be submitted as a fully developed article is not a guarantee of publication--that is the idea, however. Final articles will be submitted using MLA style with notes and works cited. Contributors to the published anthology will receive a print copy of the book as payment.

The anthology will be released in 2015 in both print and digital editions with global distribution via Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Espresso Book Machine, and a host of worldwide markets.

Note that the $2 reading fee will be used primarily to promote the published anthology. We'd prefer not to charge the fee, but the Press is small, including our advertising budget. Thank you in advance for your support of Twelve Winters Press and our authors.